Another fabulous shoot on a fabulous fall day! Pretty perfect picture for three siblings, huh?!

A Great Couple, A Great Day.

Allie and Brian were wonderful to work with yesterday. We had such a beautiful fall day for shooting...Here's a sneak peak...

A Baby Shoot!

I was so excited to take pictures of Payton! I've been wanting to do some baby portraits. Despite humidity and a tired baby, we captured some great images! I'll have to take some more when she's happier and hopefully get some smiles. Here's a preview for now...

Modern Spa Retreat...

...was my aesthetic goal for the bathroom I recently gave a superficial facelift. Essentially all I did was

- paint walls, trim, vanity, and doors
- install new mirror and lighting fixture
-update/clean the old vents/lights
- install new hardware
- redecorate

Here are some before and after pictures...the white balance is terribly off in the before pictures...but the walls were definitely a peachy/orange

 Already a difference!!
 Drum roll please...!!!

 I have since rearranged the accessories on the shelves...I've added some wonderful, small ceramics and glassware items and taken away the basket at the top.

So, now I have a light, bright, open, modern space that I can feel comfortable in. The white walls are actually a bit on the warm white side. Obviously I was working with 1970s avocado green appliances. I used brushed nickle for all the hardware and warmed up the space with a variety of brown tones and textures. The shower curtain is simple and modern but is perfect for the space because it ties the brushed nickle and browns together with silver printed leaves and brown embroidered leaves. And I topped it off with a warm grey fuzzy rug for another texture. I LOVE this space now. I can't wait to own my own home so I can redo all of my spaces! :)

Next up for the bathroom will be a piece of artwork created by me for the toilet area...